Science and Technology Fair

Dear Werner Community,

Does your child ask lots of questions about the world around us? Or, does your child enjoy building or creating inventions? Most of our kids do. Our Science and Engineering Fair is the perfect opportunity for your scientist to test out their ideas! All students are invited to participate. Students may work independently, with a partner, or in groups of three. We will have two divisions, K-3 and 4-5. All students who complete a project will get to share their results with friends and will receive a participatory ribbon, a scoring sheet with comments, and accolades from their teachers. Last year, we had a record number of projects. We would love to go even bigger and fill the gym this year!

This year, there are even more opportunities to win and be recognized. We will honor the best Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Engineering Projects in each division. First place winners’ names from each division will also be engraved on our Science Fair plaques beside the Werner trophy case! Plus, the top two projects from the grades 4-5 division will advance and represent our school at the Poudre School District Fair at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

So how do you get started? Completing a project is not as hard as it sounds. You’ll need to get a tri-fold project display board. Projects following the scientific method should contain a question, hypothesis (prediction), procedure (the steps taken to carry out the experiment), results (observations, data, etc.), and conclusions (discussion/reflection on what was learned). Engineering projects should include a problem, background research (optional), and preliminary designs and sketches. Then, your child should build a prototype (this can be a smaller model of their invention) and test it out to see if it works. Display the prototype (or pictures of it) along with a results and conclusions section on your project board. We will be posting more information including examples, ideas, and the scoring rubrics on our school website very soon.

The bottom line is that we want as many students as possible to participate and to share their ideas and inventions. We are not as strict as the district fair will be about projects containing all the criteria, so please don’t feel intimidated the requirements. All projects are welcome to be put on display.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you need help coming up with an idea. I hope that you have fun with this great opportunity to allow your child to be curious and creative.

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Putman
Second Grade Teacher
Werner Elementary

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