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Greetings! I'm a former middle and high school English language arts and literacy teacher who is proud to return to PSD as a speech-language pathologist (SLP). I am passionate about all modalities of communication, literacy, and early intervention and serve PSD students with a diverse range of abilities and needs at Werner, Rocky HS, and the PSD 18-21 transition programs (Cooper Home, Community Connections, Project Search). My family and I have lived in Ft. Collins for the past 10 years and are fortunate to call this amazing community and state our home. I'm proud to be a Werner Wildcat and a member of such a passionate, knowledgeable group of educators! Please stop in if you have questions or if you're just curious about what an SLP does :-) 

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I work with a variety of students and settings that include one-on-one, small group, community-based and social-based outings, lunch and recess times, the general education classroom, and the special education classroom. I work and collaborate closely with educators of all grades, OTs, PTs, and school psychologists.