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Summer Information

Our office will be closed until July 29. Staff will be checking voicemail (970-488-5550) periodically throughout the summer and will return calls when possible. Office hours will be from 9 am-3 pm from July 29-August 9. For more information about summer resources, go our Werner Weekly-Summer Edition.

If you have any urgent needs, you can contact Poudre School District at 970-482-7420. For more information, go to: https://www.psdschools.org/your-district/about-psd/contact-us.


Registration processes and common questions:

I completed the online registration and/or school choice application and have not heard back from the school.

School staff are on summer break and may be checking submitted registrations and school choice applications periodically. Please leave a message at the school and someone will respond to you when they can.

I’m having problems with PVUE - I need help logging into the system or my password does not work.

Please contact the school or the Records department at psdrecords@psdschools.org or 970-490-3142 for assistance.

When I login to PVUE, it still shows my student enrolled at the current school and we accepted a seat for school choice at a different school. Is my student accepted/enrolled at the new school?  

PVUE is still showing the 2023-24 school year. Once the school year has been updated to 2024-25, PVUE will reflect the accurate school. This is anticipated to take place by mid-July.

When will I receive information from the school re: registration, back to school night, school supplies, etc.?

Most schools post this information on their website or have this included in their message on their main school number.

 Does the school have space for my child?

Schools determine their own space availability so please contact that school directly.

When will I know if my child will receive a seat offer?

Seat offers are typically sent out weekly.  Please contact the school directly for assistance regarding if your child will be offered a seat.

My child is waitlisted - what number are they on the waitlist?

Please contact the school directly to determine if space may be available for your student. 

When does the school choice application close?

The 2024-24 school choice application will close at noon on May 2, 2025.

My student or our family has changed their mind and want to attend a different school or return to our neighborhood school - what is the process?

If your student is wishing to return to the neighborhood school for the following school year, please contact that school before the school year begins in the fall.

If your student is wishing to attend a different school that is not their neighborhood school for the following school year or return to their neighborhood school after the school year has started, follow the school choice application process.

I have updates or entered incorrect information on a school choice application I already submitted, how do I fix it?

Parents are not able to access the application to update it.  

Parents will need to submit a new application to ensure the applicant is placed in the updated priority/tier ranking.

If their address has changed, they will also need to update their parent and student profiles.

The incorrect application will need to be withdrawn by the parent or school/district.

Do employees have to fill out a SOC application if they want to change schools during the current school year? 

Yes, once the school year has started, if an employee wants to change the school for their student to a different choice school or return to the student’s neighborhood school, they will follow the school choice application process.

Can schools only process SOC applications during the summer or do they have to also process registrations?

It is requested that schools process both SOC and registrations so their enrollment numbers are accurate when the school year begins.


Do families have to submit school choice applications for students who attended our school last year but moved out of our boundary area?

No, with the revised district policy JFBA, the student can remain enrolled at the current school until they change levels. Then, the parent will need to submit a SOC application if they want their child to attend the next level school that is not the neighborhood school.

Do students wanting to attend their neighborhood school, rather than the SOC school they attended last year, have to apply for SOC or can they just register at their neighborhood school?

If it is before the first day of school in the fall, the parent can contact the neighborhood school directly to enroll the student and let the current school know they are changing schools.

Once school has started, the parent would follow the school choice application process.

If I had transportation last year, do I have to re-apply for bus transportation each year? 

  Yes, applications for transportation must be submitted each year:

Returning students - apply in PVUE New students - apply at the Transportation website

Note:  School year rollover will take place the week of July 8 so no registrations or transportation applications can be submitted or processed through PVUE that week.




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