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Volunteer Program

Werner is blessed to have a very robust volunteer network of parents, grandparents, students and other community persons. Our program reaches everywhere in our student lives to give them help or provide programs that otherwise would not be available. In addition to the in class support to the teachers, we also provide programs that could not be otherwise be available to the students without the volunteer network. These programs include our extensive clubs and extension curriculum that provides classes or groups to train and/or teach the students subjects that are not part of the normal class cycle. Programs like the lego-robotics, Odyssey of the Mind, Novel Studies, and all of our clubs, like Chess club would be impossible without the volunteer leaders. With that said, Werner is always looking for volunteers to help in whatever capacity your can. Even if you can only give a hour of time we can find a place for those willing. While most of the in class volunteering is focused on the younger grades, we can always find areas that will help lighten the load for our staff, be it in the library, the playground, or even at one of our family functions we can always use and appreciate the help.

There are many ways to plug into the volunteer program at Werner. The easiest is to check out the sign-up sheets at the beginning of the school year. Each teacher sets out times that they can use help in the classrooms, and you can sign up to help on whatever day works for you. In addition, you can sign up to help the other departments like the library, music or even PE if one of those areas suits your schedule better. In addition to these, there are several other ways to find out about volunteer opportunities. Joining the PTA is a great way to stay connected and find out about events. Each year we have the annual Fall Fun Festival which is not only a big fund raiser, but also one of the biggest opportunities to volunteer. We also have events like movie and bingo nights that are always looking for people to just hang out and set up a few chairs. If you want more information about your class or how you can volunteer, you can check with your child’s teacher for the room volunteer coordinator. This person can assit you in finding ways you can plug in, even if it is on a one time basis.

Volunteer Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement

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