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PSD Parent Communication

Poudre School District uses a mass notification system, called SchoolMessenger, to send various types of communications to parents from schools, departments and the district. Communication methods include phone calls, emails and text messages.

This year, to aid parents in receiving communication in a timely and convenient manner, PSD is implementing new features within SchoolMessenger:

1. Voice Message Retrieval Line: Beginning August 2, all PSD and school phone calls will come from one main phone number: (866) 316-3462. Please save this in your contacts.

  • When parents receive or miss a phone call from PSD and/or a school, the voice message will be saved.

  • Parents can access up to 10 saved voice messages by simply calling back the number above.

  • If you call from a phone other than the one that received the voice message, you may be prompted to enter the phone number on file with PSD to access the retrieval line.

  • When you call the message retrieval line, messages will play in reverse order (most recent voice message plays first).

    • Voice messages will play in the language they were sent (English, Spanish, Korean or Chinese).

    • There is no ability to delete or forward voice messages. This is simply a replay mechanism to hear voice messages parents may have missed.

2. Text Opt-In: PSD and schools can send text messages to parents with a valid SMS phone number on file in Synergy, PSD’s student information system. In order to receive text messages, parents must:

  • Have a valid SMS phone number on file in Synergy (Parents can add/change this number via the Synergy parent portal called ParentVUE or by calling their school.)

  • Opt-in to receive text messages through their mobile carrier (standard messaging rates apply).

    • To opt-in, please text YES to 67587.

    • Parents will receive an automatic text confirmation that they will now receive messages from Poudre School District (both the district and schools).

Please remember, parent and guardian phone numbers, emails, language for communications and addresses are pulled directly from PSD’s student information system. To update this information, please contact your school.

We look forward to a great year and continuing to communicate with you!

Poudre School District

Please access the following link for more information about communication methods used by PSD.